Wednesday, March 12, 2008

If this is Wednesday.... fill in the blanks. Of course it's Wednesday and guess what? It's snowing!!! Almost unbelievable. Making this even more exasperating is the rain that is to come on Thursday. The picture here was taken yesterday from my window at the back deck. You can see my spider plant making a great contrast. Definitely a beautiful day!

Today's Weight: 209 down 1
Calorie Range: 14 days
Exercise: 0 days
Water: 0 days (still at 6 bottles)
Vitamins: 22 days

My plan for today:

  1. restaurant
  2. meeting with colleague
  3. rehearsal tonight
My plan for me:

  • drink lots of water
  • eat according to plan
  • exercise POTP
  • yoga
For my creative me:

  • knit 15 min
  • spin yarn for vest 15 min
  • meditation
By planning and writing things down I am kept accountable. How do you keep yourself accountable to task?

Have a great day!

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