Saturday, March 15, 2008

When life gets in the way.....

I had such a great plan for Friday. (see previous blog) By mid afternoon everything changed

I woke up with some pain in my neck/top of the shoulder. I worked through it at the restaurant but by the time I came home the pain was pretty much my undoing. I took some pain killers and a muscle relaxant and went to bed. When Nick got home he made a nice hot pad for me which I used off and on for the rest of the evening. A dear friend had massaged the area earlier and found the areas that I need to stretch through. I went to bed early, which is somewhat of a downer for me since Friday night is our date night.

This morning the pain has subsided. It's still here but not so intense. So once more with feeling, here is the day's plan:

  1. slow stretches
  2. walking (that's the extent of what I can do with the level of pain I have right now; once it eases more I may do one of the videos as well)
  3. lots of water
  4. great food options from today's menu
  1. more slow stretches and tai chi/meditation
  2. Scripture and prayer
  3. Journal
  1. restaurant (2hours)
  2. church (if I feel up to it)

That's the day as it stands so far. My weekends tend to be very full and enjoyable. Are you planning some fun today?

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