Monday, March 10, 2008

It's Happy Monday here!

Well that's what I call it at least.

I worked for 2 hours and enjoyed seeing some regular customers and a couple of very dear friends. Had lunch with my boss, who is also a dear friend.

I've done some exercise and have enjoyed some of my water. The day still has lots of opportunities for me.

With the record snow fall passing through and the sun coming out the day has been a much earned break for darkness and storms. This picture was taken in December 2007. We have MORE than that now. Ok...enough already. I'm ready for spring.

This is the beginning of March break so I have no students to teach this week. I will have a couple of rehearsals with my regular choirs though. Not a total week off for me but an abbreviated week.

Adding Saturday and Sunday
Weight: 210

Calorie Range: 12 days
Exercise: 1 days
Water: 0 days (still at 6 bottles)
Vitamins: 20 days

Still moving forward with my goals.


1. work
2. exercise (done)
3. water
4. Richard's chat tonight
5. plan for tomorrow

I'm still...watching and waiting for spring....are there any robins in the house?????

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