Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Post Weekend Blues

Well, the weekend went by way too fast and my daughter is now back in her home. I always enjoy our visits. The difficulty comes in saying goodbye.

She and one of her sisters will be back the end of March as her sister is moving in with us for the summer. All are life changing moments; wonderful and filled with anticipation along with some hesitation. There's been a few years since she has lived with us (college campus has been her home) and now she's a young adult with her own ideas and life. As mom the challenge will be to let her just be. There will be time of orientation for both of us but I'm sure a new 'norm will emerge.

I thought I had totally gone off program on the weekend but as I added up my numbers and portions I did really well. My food was balanced and calories in decent ranges (1200-1400) with 6 bottles of water. I just know that 8 bottles are now within easy reach for me.

Stats this morning:

Weight: 211 (no change since Friday!)

Calorie Range: 6 days (1400)
Cardio: 0 days
Water: 0 days (still at 6 bottles)
Vitamins: 14 days

Although there is no cardio listed these numbers show a marked improvement for me. In January my water was perhaps 1/2 of that and although I was taking my vitamins I was not consistent, missing a day here and there. The Calorie range is great for me! I still need to take in more veggies but that too is getting better.

The exercise is the one to battle and I know this battle will be won!

The plan for today: Tone and Blast! (did my morning stretches already)
My water is on the table and ready for me
Meals are planned

I have a busy day ahead:

1. work (2 hours)
2. students (3 1/2 hours)
3. meeting at 9:30 tonight
4. prayer and meditation

I refuse to push through this week to the weekend. One of my biggest goals in life is to NOT live from weekend to weekend but to enjoy each day as it comes.

Do you plan each day? Each hour? Let me know how much you plan.



  1. ((((Doll)))))

    You're changing your lifestyle pretty-much the same way as I did. Bit by bit, step by step. I bet it feels really good to see your progress.

    Sometimes I plan, sometimes I don't. I tend to balk at a set program on a given day, even when the program is set by me.

    But you can't really say that I live totally spontaneously, even in the area of food. I live by a set of rules - a plan - that does not allow for me to bring bad choices into my home. So I guess in a way, I am structured at that.

  2. OUTStanding. You now DECLARE that this moment is the start of some part of your life. Something exciting, something big, something WOW BABY !

    Life is WOW! Every moment you in it, you win it !!! That is being in IT !